Monday, February 19, 2007

My prized possession and my trip to GOA

Well I always had a craze about photography and used to always dream about having my own digicam. Last month i brought a digicam to fulfill my dream. As expected was looking for something which can suit me and my budget. Well i also had some different reasons for buying this webcam. I have mentioned the specifications at the end of this blog.

Me and my friend spent atleast 2 hours to understand the complete working of this camera and believe me its too simple to operate. There are different modes of taking pics from this camera which gives u the illusion of being an expert photographer.

Few days after buying digicam, we all decided to go to GOA as we had to attend our friend's marriage and we had 3 days holidays (hmmm. holidays .... this thing is too good to have) so after lot of discussions and options we zeroed our plan for GOA. Well this was the most awaited moment for me as i had to meet all my friends as I had not seen them for a long time (A lil tough for guy like me who cant live without friends). Well started here on 25th Jan and as was expected the bus started 2 hours late and thus delaying my arrival to GOA by 2 hours ;) .... it was a boring journey as the Volvo played "Sajan chale Sasural" (How many times should a man watch such movies ) and "Hello Brother" (this was the biggest torture for me during my whole travel). Any how the travel in morning was too good as the scenery outside was too good as we had entered GOA. By looking at the outside view i got assured that my trip to GOA will be a memorable one. I reached GOA by1 on 26th and all my friends were waiting for my bus to arrive. I was too happy to see everyone together after a long time. Usually we all meet together on birhtdays. Our last meeting was on the the day when i left Pune and after that i saw my friends on 26th Jan directly (A long duration though i have to accept the fact that i have to live away from my friends) . We had our stay in one of my friend's company's quarter. We reached the place at around 2 and for our surprise, at start we were unable to locate it and then after some time my friend's friend came and he took us to the quarter. We all got ready for our trip to heaven(as it is called) i.e. GOA beaches.

We started our visit from Baga Beach. (This place was new to all of us). It was a great view. Sirf pani hi pani nazar aa raha tha. Though we had some other classic views also. We had our lunch on Baga beach itself and then we got splitted. Some of us were enjoying by going into the sea while some of us enjoyed by staying outside and enjoying our friend's enjoyment and also at same time enjoying the beauty at Baga beach. The beach is too good to be viewed. We spent our whole evening over there and we watched the sunset at Baga.

It was a good view of sunset but we failed to capture the sunset as we selected a spot to watch the sunset but we were unable to reach tht sunset. Even then it was a refreshing day for all of us and we enjoyed our first day as expected. Took some snaps of the beach and sunset. We had a photo session as most of my friends are good models :p (This is the height of exaggeration ... hey just kidding yaar). We then had our dinner on baga beach itself as we were late to go out and search for any good hotel. Oops... forgot to write one thing.... there were fireworks on the beach in night and there was good show of acrobats. We then left for our room and went to sleep. Lekin kis kambhakt ko neend aati hai .... so myself, raju and appu went out to goto Dauna Paula beach (did i metioned that we were staying near to Dauna Paula beach..... :p ) . As we set out we came to know that it was horrible view outside and not funny to mention that we were unable to find out the road to go outside ...... so we three decided to go back to our room as the place which looked like a cool place was looking like haunted place in night..... after coming back we went to sleep thinking of our next adventure in GOA.
Next day we woke up a lil late then expected ;) (kya kare.... jaldi jagne ki aadat nahi hai naa) so after getting ready we zeroed down on our tht day's plan as this was the only day left with us in GOA. At the time everybody was getting ready myself and rakesh went out for a small walk. We decided to goto Dauna Paula beach but was we arrived there we found the beach in pathetic condition so we dropped out the idea of going to the beach and went back to our room. After thSo we decided to take our lunch and then drive towards old Goa to see churches.

We had our lunch in Panaji and by chance we had our halt near the Panaji church. The church was big and had an artistic architecture. We thought of going inside the church ...but it was our bad luck as the church was closed in afternoon.

After visiting the Panaji church we headed towards our ultimate destination (OLD GOA). We reached old GOA by 3 PM and then we visited the most famous church of OLD GOA ...."St.Bascilla bom Jesus" ... the view cant be described in words.. you have to be there to find out how beautiful the interior is. Believe it or not it was the first time in life I was going to a Church! I was moved by the majesty of the place and the calmness that it evokes.
After spending near an hour over there we set out for our next destination which was undecided .... we decided to goto a fort where the shooting for DCH was done so we headed towards it but atlast we were so tired that we decided to goto Calangute beach. Now this was the place where there was a lil mess up. We had planned in morning to goto cruise in night and we had booked the tickets for cruise. While we were at Calangute beach we all enjoyed to such an extent that we were not at all aware of time running out. In mean time i had done some shopping on the stalls which are placed outside the beach. Believe me if u are master in bargaining then u can have good time during shopping as we did. Some of us have gr8 talent in doing bargaining. Some of us decided to have dinner while some others said no as we were already late for the cruise. So we all decided to goto cruise and as soon as we reached the location the cruise was filled up and it was above to leave. We talked to organizers and they said that we can go in another cruise which will leave at 10:30 pm. At same time rajan was not feeling well so appu decided to stay with him only so only 7 of us went to cruise. The cruise was not that interesting as we all were totally exhausted. Also the major problem which we faced was of food at night. This is the worst part of GOA. All hotels are closed by 10 of which we were unaware. We wandered here and there in search of some hotel but no luck. thankfully appu and rajan who had left for room were having dinner so they asked the hotel staff to wait for another half an hour. We reached there and then had our dinner at 1AM in morning. And most important thing was that we had to leave for our friend's marriage at 4 AM in morning so we all decided to have sleep for 2 hours .... but as already said "kis kambakth ko neend aati hai" so we all kept chatting till 3 in morning and then after arranging all the things we left for GOKAK at 5 A.M. in morning.

Well we had only 1 and half day with us but even though we enjoyed the trip a lot.

Sony Cybershot DS 500 Specifications :

Full Specifications

Lens and Image Quality
Megapixels6 Megapixels
Optical Zoom3 X
Digital Zoom 2 X
Image SensorSuper HAD CCD
Image FormatJPEG
Focus ModesAutomatic
Exposure SettingsAutomatic
ISO Equivalencies100, 400, 200, 80, auto
CCD Size1/2.5"

LCD Screen Size2.4 in
White BalanceAutomatic

Recording MethodMemory Stick PRO

Connectors1 x USB
Included Cable TypesUSB

Included SoftwareDrivers & Utilities, Sony Picture Package
Product LineCyber-shot
Camera TypeDigital camera

General Product Info
Also known as, Sony Cyber-shot, Sony DSC-S500, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S500
Manufacturer Part No.DSC-S500
Company InfoSony


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how abt mentioning the price of the camera? [:P]

ace said...

kachhu kaam dhanda nahi ka?...itana bada blog likha hai...

good...mast lihil once I thought I am in Goa again!