Monday, February 26, 2007

Making of a Chef

Today i am very excited as the last weekend was my most memorable weekend in b'lore till date. Well from where to start??? This is always a big question for me. So let me start by Friday night. On friday night, i watched GURU as had got some good review from my friends.... but frankly speaking i didnt like the movie for several reasons... nehow will not review the film so dont worry :p
Then had a good sleep and got up by 10 AM next morning ... too late for a person like me Well then went out for some shopping and then had a good lunch ..... Well you will say whats so exciting in this ...but hold on ... the real enjoyment starts now ..... after having lunch i thought of having some sleep ..... but thought of watching some movie so I switched on TV ... after some time amol came and he had not taken his lunch so he had brought maggi ..... so thought of preparing it and belive me i always enjoy cooking so i enjoyed preparing maggi for him ..... after preparing maggi we thought of preparing dinner ... but we had ordered tiffins so thought of postponing the plan.... then had dinner and watched TV for some time and went to sleep a lil early as compared to other days ... got up early next day i.e. sunday as had to goto temple... while coming from temple bought some milk and upma flour .... then went back to home and prepared tea for my roommates..... after having our tea we headed for our breakfast ..... prepared upma and was lil afraid as thought it will not upto the standards but after tasting it we came to know tht we have prepared well... then thought of having some sleep as the clock was showing 1 as timing .... this meant that we were not going to have our lunch on sunday ..... but how can we sleep and that also on sunday??? naah myself and amol planned to go out to have some fruit juice .....when we were taking our juice idea for watching movie came into our mind so we headed towards forum ..... but as we had already thought..... tickets were not available so we went for some window shopping ... believe me ... every weekend we do shopping and really telling its crazy ...... so did shopping and then we thought of doing some shopping for night as we had planned to prepare dinner at home .... so we went for doing some shopping of food items...... when we reached their i called up my mummy and asked her what all things i will require ..... she said have u gone mad ... i said we are going to prepare dinner and she said ok and gave me the list of items which i would require for dinner.... after this we did the shopping and then left for our room again .... on way had some pani puri and then went to our flat ..... after taking some rest we headed for preparing the dinner ...... but as usual we had to make mistake as it was our first experience of cooking outside home..... after rectifying our mistake we started preparing our dinner ..... at start we prepare "dal tadaka" .... after that we prepared "masala bhath" and then we prepared tomato soup ....... frankly speaking i had a gala time while preparing the dinner ... after that we had our dinner and then we saw "Filmfare Awards" ..... also had a small photo session ;) .... in this way had a gr8 weekend and hoping that will enjoy every weekend in same fashion .......

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