Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Trip to US - Part 1

This was one of the experience which i waiting eagerly to have. I got this opportunity in the month of March and i was set to travel to US. I had done all the required shopping and was good to go. I had my flight to bangalore and my trip was having two halts before reaching the destination. First halt was Singapore and next was Hong Kong. As usual, my flight got late by an hour and when i told Amrita about this she said that this is a good sign for me as till now my every journey had got delayed so this couldn't be the exception :-p.

Atlast at 1 AM in morning i boarded my flight and had a good sleep in flight. When i woke up I was there Singapore .. it was one of the most exciting moment of my life as i had never thought that i will get chance to visit any other country ... belive me .. i am and was not that excited to go outside India ... after getting down at the Singapore airport i got the proof of why ppl really admire Singapore a lot ... after taking our boarding tickets we decided to roam on the airport as we had nearly 2 odd hours with us ... so we started taking a trip of Singapore airport .. the airport is very well maintained and after having a
look at it only one thought came to my mind ... when will our cities become like this ... it was really a good experience and we had spend good amount of time roaming on the singapore airport ...

after this we boarded our plan to Hongkong ... We reached Hong kong in around 4 hours and we had 2 hours to spend over the airport so we decided to have one round of airport .. the airport over there is also nearly similar to that of Singapore ... neatly maintained and was still under construction ... after roaming for sometime we spend nearly 1 hour in chating with friends ... after this we boarded the plane to SFO ... the journey betn Hong kong and SFO is of around 12 hours and 12K kilometers .... i really got bored in the plane as we had to sit at the same place for around 12 hours ... i watched around 3 movies during this time period and had some good food and refreshments around 1:25 PM on 29th March we landed to SFO and at last we were there ...we were in US .. a dream coming true for me ..... Rajan was waiting for me outside and i was too glad to see him after a long time ... after coming out of the airport (i think we had to wait around 1:30 hours in airport due to baggage collection and checking) we hired a taxi for our apartment ....I was happy that Rajan came to receive me ... after reaching to our apartment we spent some time doing TP .... after this we decided to goto Rajan's apartment and so we again hired a taxi and went over to Rajan's place. After surfing the net for some time we went out for dinner to Indian restaurant in Rajan's car ... had a good food and was happy that we will get indian food in US ... after this we came back to rajan's place and then watched "One two three" movie and then had a good sleep... woke up around 10 AM and then had breakfast and watched "RACE" ... after this we went for some shopping and got all the required food items ... after this Rajan drove us back to our apartment ....we prepared some food and then went to sleep.....

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watching movies on net..pir*** ..hmmmm