Sunday, March 4, 2007

Take this Seriously

Dear Friends,
I have experienced worst incident of my life and specially in bangalore last friday night. Myself and my friend went for a walk on friday night at around 10:30 PM. The road was empty and nobody else was there on road. While returning back to our flat 3 persons came across over way and then they hold both of us (me and my friend) and started searching our pockets. He found my mobile in pocket and he took away that one. He tried to search other pocket also but we resisted so he didnt searched and then left us and ran away. It was our luck that we didnt brought our wallets with us at night else we might have got robbed even more.

So my request to all of u .. take care & be careful while using mobile or any other gadget on the road and while walking on roads during night.

By writing this blog i want to ask u all to be aware while going along on roads of bangalore as bangalore is not the safer place to survive. I just want all of you to be careful on Bangalore roads as it is becoming more and more unsafe everyday.

I prefer following Dos and Donts which everyone shuld take care of (Which i am going to follow now onwards) :

1) Dont talk on ur mobile while ur walking. This will attract the gundas towards u and u will become prey of them.
2) Dont go out at night alone. (10pm plus is dangerous as u can fall prey to potential rabblerousers and robbers)
3) Dont carry much cash.
4) Dont carry ur credit and debit cards.

1) Always go in group.(A group means 3+; from my exp 2 ppl are no match against chakku and gundas)
2) Keep minimum cash along with u while going out.
3) If you are working in office for late hours in night then ask for doorstep drop by company cab.

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Shripad said...

Yes, I agree with you Neeraj..
We should take care of ourselves as nobody will come to help you out in these kind of situations. You should be very active, and careful while going out in night times.
But I should advise you all guys, that please do report your complains to the nearest police station, and notify everybody to follow the night time security while going out in odd days.
I would like to ask one thing that, what the bangalore Police is doing against this. Are they taking any serious action against this robbery ? Is there any group / society / Association that we can take help from ?
If not, we should start one to escalate these kind of issues.

Shri (YID: shrimagic_2002)